Friday, 5 June 2009

Limping on

I managed a 3m run on Tue and 5.5m on wed. Unfortunately I felt a hamstring pull on the right towards the end of the 2nd run. It feels v minor but is still a concern. I will try a few a run today and see how it goes but I obviously need to try and be sensible.
2 weeks from now I will hopefully be in a state of preparedness and asleep.


  1. Hang in there Doc! What about seeing a physio? A bit of cross friction and unltrasound could speed healing things up.


  2. Hi Phil

    I was sorry to read about your niggles. Hopefully they are minor and you'll be fit and ready for 2 weeks time.


  3. Hi Phil
    I sympathise with you I'm in the same position as yourself, why couldn't we pick up our niggles and injuries back in January,hopefully God will be good and we will be fine on the 20th.

    Take Care


  4. Stop moaning. You'll be fine.

  5. Do you know how to be sensible?

    Ali x

  6. Thanks WHWrunner.The words pot, ketle and black come to mind. However you are quite right.
    Thomas thats a good idea but I have already spent the food budget for the month on massages so will let nature take its course.
    Davie, hope to see you on the 20th.
    JK, keep those easy runs going
    Allybea, probably not or I wouldnt be doing this ridiculous race in the 1st place. Cant wait to do a 10K!!!