Friday, 19 June 2009

Over the top

Well thats a bit dramatic but it has that sort of a feel to it.
I was up at 4am today to pick my sister up from Glasgow airport. The plan was to sleep in the afternoon. Well it was partialy successful. I did get a couple of hours and with 7 hrs to go I guess that is all the sleep I am going to get.
Everyone will be feeling i varying states of readiness and I know the best thing now is to be positive and forward looking until the end.
Phil will be picking me up at 10.30 and The 2 Lizs will take over at Carmyle cottage with Phil rejoining us at some point later on.
The weather looks pretty good. Maybe a few showers and a high of 17deg.
I am off to eat a pizza as a starter with the main course at 9pm.
I dont feel I could have done much more in terms of preparation so it is now down to luck and how things go on the day.

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