Monday, 15 June 2009

The final straight

Well, people say that just getting to the start is an achievement so I do feel that if I am standing at the start at 1am on saturday feeling OK then that will be an achievement.
Back at work today I literally feel as if I am breathing in all sorts of viruses as the infirm troop in. I would love to put a surgical mask on but that would be OTT. I reckon if someone came in with a broken leg I would be in danger of catching it!!
So, how is the body ?
I have a niggle in my left Achilles but apart from that I feel fine. I did 5m yesterday morning before leaving Arran which took me over 1100m for the year. I am in 2 minds about running tomorrow but I think on balance I should, just to keep in the groove. Lets face it, if I cant do 5m I cant run the WHW on the 20th.
Am I nervous ? Not really. I feel well prepared and in a state of anticipation. Its all on the day now and how hard I can push myself. I want to enjoy this few days of anticipation.
I have decided that this will be my last ultra for quite some time. I have enjoyed training for it but I would like to get some speed in my legs again and enjoy that. I feel no sadness at the prospect and can always come back to it.
So here's to a good week.


  1. You know this week is hard cos you can't run and you feel every niggle. And in your line of work you have sick people breathing on you all the time. If I were you I'd deffo wear a mask!

    Met your other half in the supermarket this morning. I guess both our trolleys were stocked up with goodies for the weekend :)

    4 sleeps to go!

    Ali x

  2. Good Luck, Phil.

    Thinking of you and Ian all the time at the mo'. Hope you don't catch any bugs especially the cold I have just had - went for a run on Fri and ground to a halt!!! Hey ho - got some nice sunshine and found a nice wee trail near me.

    I am glad you are enjoying the anticipation - def the best way forward. Take care and may well see you at some point on Sat as We may head up and cheer you on at some point. Any spots that you know you will need a boost?


  3. Hi Doc, thanks for your comment on my blog.
    My situtation is not getting any easier and I am more triple minded than double minded. I still cannot run because of an additional calf muscle strain which I suffered when I was just getting up from a chair. But I will be at the start anyway, so why not go out for a jog and see how it goes?

    See you on Friday/Saturday!

  4. Allybea, hope all your preparations are going well.Look forward to seeing you at the start.
    Kaz, it would be great to see you at any point to be honest.You cant go to bein glas, its forbidden but anywhere after that.
    Thomas, what can I say. I pulled a calf walking into the shower once and although it sounds funny its not. Especially just before the WHW race. My advice is presume everything will be OK and if it isnt then worrying wont help anyway. Be positive!! Listen to your wife!! I dont know what she's saying but I bet its good advice.