Monday, 29 June 2009

Back running again and future plans.

Yesterday I went out for my 1st run post WHW.
It was with Jim and Daniel( my 18yo nephew). We had a very enjoyable 3m run around Lady Mary's which was ideal for a 1st run. No problems with the legs yet.
Today I did just over 5m from home in 43.11. I did have a little discomfort under the right patella but hopefully that wil ease off. Its nice to be running with no big target on the horizon.

I have been thinking about the future and aims.
This year I would simply like to get back to what I would consider a good running standard. So I plan to do Helensburgh 1/2 m and sheriffmuir 11m and hopefully the Glasgow 1/2m.
Ideally I would like to do a late autumn marathon but not sure where.
Next year the plan is to get under 80min for a half. Is that possible? Yes. I have a pb of 81.12 and if I focus and dont get injured who knows. Its good to have a target anyway.
Finaly thanks for all the kind comments on this blog. I really appreciate them. Its strange to have a mindset that I didnt do well in the WHW when I finished in a pb but that is how I feel. Its a shame but there we are. I am happy to leave well alone for now but I may have another crack at sub24 in a few years time.

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  1. It took about a day of serious barracking from friends and relations to realise that the fact that I finished the race should be a sense of ride. But the idea that I could do better is probably the reason I am even considering a repeat!