Sunday, 7 June 2009

Thats better

This morning 4 of us did an 8mile run from Crieff.
I dont know whether it was running with some others or my body is getting its act together at last but I felt distinctly better. What a joy to be running something like normal.
It was also a lovely morning for a run. I had a chat with Phil about our WHW effort in 2005 when I pulled out at 75m. It was interesting to reflect on it all. It made me realise just how far we have both come since then.Phil of course finished it in 2005 and posted a remarkable time last year on significantly less mileage than most. He clocked less than 850m for the year prior to the race. Imagine what he could do on my mileage!! Am I jealous? Yes, a little but we are what we are and just to be able to complete the WHW is great. Sub 24 hrs would be even better!
Thats a 23m week and 1080m for the year.
I plan to run alternate days for the next week or so.

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