Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Long, hot run

Yesterday was time for another long run. I set off at 7.40am partly because it was due to be warm and partly because there was a group of Harriers running from Crieff at 9.15 and I hoped to meet them and finish my run with them.
I went down to Bairinroar, left to W Meiggar then down to Cultybraggan. I then made a mistake by taking the riverside path to Rob Bolton's house which was thick with grass and weeds. At this point I knew I was late and pushed on to Comrie, did the Aberuchill loop and back to laggan park.
It was 9.30 so I changed shoes and headed off on the fortnight run. At Shakey bridge I caught them by cutting across the field then we did the Maam Rd as leg 4 in the swchr. It was great to have a focus and something to chase. Also great to run with people for the last bit.I felt fine in the last few miles, better than I did at the beginning.
I covered just over 20m in 2.42.

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