Saturday, 16 July 2011

clydestride Relay

Strathearn Stags triumphant at Clydestride.
Yesterday 8 of us from the Harriers went over for the 2nd Clydestride race on an unpromising day. Liz was doing the whole thing.
We all made it over through some miserable weather but as we approached the 1st of many Morrisons supermarkets the rain dried up.
We said hello to Allan who was doing his 1st ultra and sadly didn't make it to the end.
I was doing the 1st leg as was Elizabeth for the Sirens.
We headed off at 9am in warm and humid conditions . The going was pretty flat and on tarmac. We set off at a hell of a pace with Grant Jeans doing about 6 minute mile pace, how do the top guys do it?
After a mile or so I was in 3rd but the 2 in front were doing he whole thing.
I overtook Paul after 2m but was aware I wasnt't feeling great. Paul settled in behind me happy to have someone to pace him no doubt.After a while we got chatting a bit. This was his 1st real ultra.
After 6m of riverside running we headed inland through the diversion, the lowlight of the race.
Back on the river and I was struggling and really struggled to the end. I lost Paul after a pitstop and couldn't catch him which was disappointing. It was however very interesting to see what life at the front of an ultra is like and let me tell you its incredibly fast.
I finished my 10M in 67min and handed over to Al giving him an 8 min lead in the relay.
The 2nd leg was a 1.5M longer than advertised and Al undoubtedly suffered a bit.
Tony had a great time passing people on the 3rd leg and Phil had the glory leg to bring us home in about 5.10.
It was a great place to finish the race. I had never been to New Lanark and it is definitely worth a look.
The Sirens also had a great time and were 1st ladies.
Liz did really well to do her race in 8.08
So it was a great day out and definitely worth repeating.
The organisation was superb and the route excellent.

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  1. well done Phil & say well done to Liz too and to both teams of course!