Friday, 8 July 2011

Brig Bash 5

This was the 2nd year I have done this 5 miler.
It was also the 1st time I have raced since the Cape Wrath marathon.
It was a wretched evening, v wet but turned out to be a good evening for racing.
9 Harriers were there and a strong field of some 230.
I had a wee warm up and set off at what felt like a jog as everyone around me tried to break the 4 min mile.
I felt quite comfortable apart from my right hamstring which eased off eventually. After a couple of miles i was feeling quite good but felt a real lack of pace which is no surprise. I passed a couple at the end but was only passed once in the whole race after the 1t 1/2m or so which would suggest decent pacing.
I finished in 31.20 and 36th. Not bad and 10secs faster than last yaer when i had run the Lairig Ghru 10/7 before.
There was a lovely supper after and I would say this is a quality event.
I had a sore hamstring yesterday which benefitted from a swim

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