Monday, 11 July 2011

Long, hot run

On Saturday I had 20 miles in the plan. I had a Harriers hill session planned also so decided to combine the 2. I also had a v tight hamstring and sore calf, oh dear!
The hill reps just confirmed the soreness in my hamstring and I wasn't up for them at all but went thro the motions.
After that I set off along Lady Mary's and out up Glascorrie/Blairinroar and back to Crieff vis Balloch. Once i set off things felt alot better, so much of this stuff is in the head! My hamstring was fine and didn't really bother me, odd isn't it.
I really quite enjoyed the run although it became clear it was going to be longer than planned and turned out to be 21.6m. The last 2-3 miles were tough but I did it.
Yesterday was the Crieff 10K which attracted over 300 entrants and all went off pretty well. I didn't run yesterday and will see how the legs are today.

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