Sunday, 10 May 2009

Some progress, I think.

My aim this week was to get running properly again and do two 20 milers at the weekend.
Well looks like I've done it.
Yesterday I set off at 5.20am for a Tour de Strathearn (as we call it round here). The idea was to get some experience of running early ie at the same time as the first stages of the WHW. I have always felt rotten at the beginning of the WHW so this was my attempt to do something about it.
Well guess what I felt pretty ropey when I set off. It was cold and windy. However I worked my way round and had some good spells. Not surprisingly I didnt see many folk about. This really is a tough course and I always seem to forget that until I am doing it again. I felt pretty tired at the end but OK. My time was slow at 3h 17m but thats OK. My knee was sore but again some voltarol took care of that and no harm done as far as I can tell.
Today I set off at 8am on the same run but the other way round. A much nicer morning and a good run. I was shattered in the last few miles and 3h 20m is about the slowest I've done this route in but again thats OK, its only training.
Both knees were playing up a bit at the end but I think all is well.
So thats 60m for the week.
This time next week I should be ending my 1st day on the Cotswold way. I aim to do the Bath to Chipping Camden trail over 3 days.Its 102m long and about 13000 up and down so a major challenge.

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