Wednesday, 1 April 2009

WHW run and quarterly report

Last Sunday was the last single day organised training run this year. That feels strange with almost 3/12 to go but there is alot to come yet from other quarters.
On Sunday IB and I started from B.O.O. with a pack of wippets behind us starting from Tyndrum.
It was a superb day weatherwise with clear blue skies.
Much to my embarrasment we were caught by 3 just before Khouse. However everyone has their own goals and mine was to finish uninjured in @ 7.5 hrs.
I was feeling fine and took the devils staircase at a walk. The run down to KLL is tough with lots of broken paths and rocks to stub your toe on. Having got to Khouse in 2.05 we got to KLL in 4.05. After soup and coffe we walked up onto the larig mhor. This is another rough section and we picked the pace up i an effort to catch 2 in the distance. After awhile I gave up.
The last 5m were pretty tough and I was v happy to finish.We finished in 7.31.Debbie and Marco v kindly gave us a lift back to BOO and we had a v welcome supper in Tyndrum
70M for the week
Last night I ran with the harriers. I did a 3m warmup and then felt massively shakey and unwell. Half a pack of mints cured that and I did the pyramid session (1-4-1) and ran pretty well.

That takes me up to 247 for March and 647 for the year which is average of exactly 50M /week.

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