Friday, 10 April 2009

Struggling on

The time since my operation has been a bit of a struggle to be honest.
I felt great initially but that soon wore off. I am having to wear my cycling glasses to run to keep wind and debris out my eye. I am also wearing my buff to keep sweat out. I must look pretty strange and I feel odd.
I did runs on sat and sun last weekend and felt a familiar discomfort in my outer knee. Not good !! Is it ITBS ?
Well i carried on after a severe rub of the area and to my delight it seems to have gone.
This week I have run every day so far but have had calf and now right hamstring niggles. I dare say its all the miles catching up. I seem to be coping but perhaps a massage is in order.
I have done 30m so far this week and am hoping for a big mileage this weekend. Lets see if the body holds up.

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