Friday, 6 November 2009

New Boy

Last night I went along to the Central AC training session which is held in the grounds of Stirling Uni. I could have picked a better night as there were big queues going thro Bridge of Allan it being bonfire night.
It was strange going to a club where I didnt know what was happening or the characters involved.
I wanted to see how the training sessions are organised as there are no real opportunities for structured training at Strathearn and I suspect a weekly speed session might prove beneficial.
It was an odd start as we did some warm up exercises to begin with which felt more like football training. I did wonder what I had come to. Then we did the main session which was shuttle runs. We split into groups of 3 and simply ran about 150m to hand over to one of the 3 who ran back to hand over to the 3rd who ran back to me. A doddle I thought as i ran flat out for a few of these but I was soon struggling and blowing hard. By the end of the session I was knackered. Its so different to a tempo run. I did know a couple of the guys from WHW so that was good.
So will I go again. Yes, I think so. Anything that is that unpleasant must be good for me ???
We could easily do something similar at the Harriers but there doesnt seem to be the will amongst the membership at the moment. Maybe that will change.

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