Sunday, 29 November 2009

East Kilbride 10K

Yesterday 5 Harriers went over for this low key race at the end of the road racing season.
It was an out and back course with a road bridge to cross and several underpasses to negotiate. It was flat otherwise and a good field.
I headed off quite fast and feeling good. The 1st 400m was on the track which was a great surface to run on. We also finished on the track. My 1st mile was 5.55 which was prob too fast. Then we had the road bridge to climb and cross which slows a runner dowm quite a bit. As I headed down to halfway Robert Gilroy was powering his way back up well in the lead and obviously in v good shape.
The 2nd half was a case of managing discomfort and pushing on. My aim was sub 40 with an eye on sub 39 if all went well. I probably wouldnt have made sub 39 if I hadnt had such a good nip and tuck finish with another runner.
I finished in 38.53 and 31st out of 131 finishers
I was v happy with that result and now its 6 weeks before the next race.
Well done to the other Harriers who made the trip.

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