Monday, 16 November 2009

Glen Clove half marathon

1 Hour 29min 03 sec 20th place

Overall I am delighted with the run I did on Saturday.
The weather was pretty foul. V wet but not too cold.
About 250 runners assembled at mid-day none looking that keen and we were off
The course is v simple. Down the glen on the west side and back up the east. However there was a stiff wing coming up the glen and I am of the opinion that it is a tougher 1st half beacuse it undulates almost constantly.
I ran the 1st 5m pretty hard and went well until 9m when I ran out of steam quite significantly. I was alone for the last 3m and it was quite an effort to keep running up the last hill just before 12m.
I finished however feeling OK.
I have also recovered well with no apparent injuries.
I plan to run tomorrow and I think the rest will have done me good.
Thanks to Phil and Dom for the support and congratulations to all the harriers that braved the conditions.

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