Monday, 23 November 2009

A few runs remembered

I have just got back from a long weekend in Liverpool where my Mother recently moved back to.
Back in 1982 I trained for the Mersey Marathon with my father. Sadly I got glandular fever the day before (honest) and couldnt do it. However I did establish a few favourite routes and this weekend I retraced a few old footsteps.
Thursday evening I did 2 loops of Sefton Park, Sat am I did a bit of a tour of Aigburth taking in Otterspool Prom and Mossley Hill and yesterday I ran round Calderstones Park and took the Prom and Sefton Park in again.
Its certainly easy running being v flat. Also lots of runners out and about. I saw more runners this weekend than I would in a month up here.
Liverpool is on the up. Its generally smarter and the town centre is v impressive.

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