Monday, 5 October 2009

3 weeks to go

So its only 3 weeks to go to the Dublin marathon.
Since I last blogged we have had a lovely long weekend in France with our friends David and Laura. What a difference the heat makes. I felt great in the sun but was running like a limp lettuce. I love France and always enjoy going there. If we had been a week earlier there was a local 1/2 M which would have been good to do.
Since returning I think I have been getting quicker. This afternoon I did my 10.5m circuit in 75min which is the quickest this year. 3 days ago I did a 20 miler which was a big boost to the confidence to get done but slow. No problem though because its in the legs.
Ian did Lochness yest in 3h 24min in exactly even splits. Thats an attractive way to do a marathon because he was overtaking for the 2nd half. Can I be disciplined enough to go out conservatively and what pace is appropriate??
I have now done 1600m this year so all being well 2000m is on for the year.
I plan 13m on Friday then a taper of sorts. I havent really done enough running to have a meaningful taper but I can pretend.

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