Friday, 23 October 2009

Does jetlag counts as an excuse??

Just back from Toronto after a really nice 5 days spent with my sister, Alice and her family. I managed 4 5m runs with the mad hound ,Archie whilst there. He is the only dog I know that doesnt like going out for walks/runs. Hence I spent quite alot of time coming to sudden halts as Archie put the brakes on. Apparently this is quite normal behaviour for him.
So its 3 days to go and I am quite looking forward to the Marathon on Monday. I did the last run yesterday and apart from being paranoid about developing a virus after close contact with 2 coughing/snotty children,I feel fine.
My plan on Monday is to set out at 95min pace for the 1st half. That should feel reasonably comfortable. I am acutely aware that if I go off too fast I will suffer in the last 10m.
I would be OK with anything under 3.20, happy with sub 3.15 and delighted with anything under 3.10. Its a far cry from 3 years ago but I haved to be realistic bearing in mind the training I have not done.
So the aim is to enjoy the race as much as possible and hope a conservative 1st half pays off later.

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