Wednesday, 19 August 2009

This is why I am giving up ultra distance

I have a collection of niggles at the moment which I am sure is a result of doing 3 ultras this year.
I have a sore left heel(improving slowly but has been v v sore), a right sided hamstring strain( which is practically better) and 2 nights ago I acquired a mild left calf strain. I am documenting all this as a reminder to my future self that this is what I can expect if I do daft things like run 95m.
On the plus side I am running again and actually had a pretty good run last night in Perth (4.5m). I really do enjoy running well and freely which just isnt possible when ultra training.
I have no race planned now until Kilmacolm on the 20th Sept so I hope I can get some good training in whilst on hols in Switzerland.

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