Saturday, 7 March 2009


Normally when I increase my mileage I lose weight fairly steadily. I reckon 35M is worth 1 lb of fat so if I maintain the same calorie intake and do 70m as i did last week I should lose 2lb.
At the moment I weigh 12st 2lb which is 2lb more than 6/52 ago when I returned from La Gomera.
So either I am eating too much or my metabolism has changed. I dont want to reduce my intake so maybe I will have to settle for being 1/2 stone heavier than I would expect to be.
This week I have run 3x doing 26m. Yest I did an 8m run up Glenlednock which was great. Lovely day and great scenery.
We are travelling up to Inverness soon with IB and AB to do the 1/2M tomorow. Its a new one to me and a chance to see how I'm doing. I hope I'm in sub 85min shape but there's been a virus going around and will those extra pounds be a factor ??

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