Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Let the training begin

This year (like last year) I feel that I have done a bit of running in between injuries. So it is with some optimism that I entered the Mersey marathon a few weeks ago. This happens on the 9th of October. Both my sister, Liz and my Father, Jim have also entered.
Back in 1982 I trained up for the Mersey marathon along with my Father but literally the day before had to withdraw with glandular fever. Jim went on to complete it in a creditable 3.38 and I didn't do much running for the next 18 years. Jim reckons I would have run well under 3 hours but I suspect I would have run a fast 18 miles and fallen apart. We will never know. Anyway the race was discontinued in 1992 so it was with some interest that I heard about it being resurrected this year. It is a quite different course with half of being run on the Wirral.
I have decided to try and train properly for this but have low expectations of it all going smoothly.
This is the 1st week and the development of an urti at the Harriers weekend away was not a good start. I felt dreadful yesteday and couldn't have run a bath but this morning felt improved. I am aware that if you are going to these things well then you need to stick to the plan and my plan says 13 miles today. I thought it was worth being careful so set off on my 10.5 mile loop from Auchengarrich. My calf is still tight so I made my way round carefully and did the 10.5 feeling not too bad. Lets stick to the plan then so I did an extra 1,25 miles out and back and then my watch 13 miles in 1.38.38.
So 1 run down and lots to go but its a start and I feel a bit more optimistic about the next 16 weeks


  1. Good luck Phil, no point me telling YOU to listen to your body lol!

  2. No, you don't need to stick to the plan! Just read Matt Fitzgerald's 'RUN: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel', don't worry about the title (seems like all his books have to be 'plans' or 'methods', even when they're not!) and don't do 13 miles today if it's not right today...

    So stuff the plan, but good luck with the marathon (which you can do fine without the plan)! :-)