Wednesday, 22 July 2009

weight issues

This time last week I was weighing in at an enourmous 12st 6lb. Thats the heaviest I have been away from injury since I started running. We were away at the weekend and I felt I really had to try and do something about the weight. Clearly it is no longer the case that I can eat what I like so long as I am running regularly. I have done 3 30m+ weeks since the WHW and still gaining weight. So crisps and choc are out now and booze is out mon to thurs inc. I am delighted to report I was just over 12st 1lb today which will be fluid to some extent but still a big change.
So age is catching up in more ways than I thought. Next month I will be 45 so it is all about maximising what I can do now rather than doing what I want. I feel that I am starting to run a bit more freely now and am enjoying my running. I have hit 1300m for the year and would like to think I can move up to 40m/week for the rest of the summer. I have entered the Dublin marathon on Oct 26th so that is a good focus.

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