Monday, 13 July 2009


Last night Ian phoned me to tell me that Dario had died whilst out on a hill run on the Lochnagar Hills. I presume it was his heart but I guess the PM will confirm that.
It is the kind of news that you can never expect and can only come as a shock.
Dario must be known to hundreds of people just through the WHW. Then there are all the other people he must have known. I'm sure the place the funeral taked place will be bulging.
Personally I found it very hard to react to the news. I suppose I felt upset but it takes me days sometimes to react to bad news. That is one of the things I dislike about being a Doctor. It hardens you to tragedy. Well I think it has hardened me.
I have definitely felt upset today. I think it was Ian's reference to the whisky evenings we had with him. They were good evenings and even though I could go months without seeing him I will miss him.
Poor Dario. 46 years, its nothing!

The news came at the end of a good day as well. We had the Crieff 10K which went well inspite of drizzle and rain. 250 people ran and had a good time I think.
Then we had a nice evening at Abbis. And all the while a tragedy was taking place further north.
Of course these scenarios play out every day dozens if not hundreds of times. Its always different when you are involved in some sort of way though.
As for the WHW race. Well it wont be the same without Dario. Thats for sure. I hope it carries on though. I'm sure thats what Dario would have wanted and I suspect his team will regroup under a different leader or leaders.

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