Friday, 22 February 2013

From the carribean to wintry strathearn

Bit of an update necessary as I haven't been idle.
Liz and I went on our 1st cruise in the carribean from jan 25th to Feb 6th. From a running point of view it was uneventful. I ran every day bar 1 but all on the treadmill except for  v hot 7miles on St Kitts. However most of what I did was good quality. Loved the cruise. It was totally relaxing.
3 days afte getting abck it was the Devils Burdens. I did the new leg3 and did OK. Was tired going up and down and came about 20th for my leg in 29.18 (approx 5K). Our team came 10th which was great and the women did equaly well in 5th. A good day.
The following Sunday I organised a 5K run around Lady Marys for the club. 21 seniors and 9 juniors did it. I did 19.02 but felt shattered and below par. I had started to feel tired the day before and have done so all week. Kiz has had full blown 'flu and I suspect that I have a mild dose having had the vaccine which she didn't.
Tomorrow the the national X country champs which I was hoping to do well in but now will just have to settle for whatever I get.

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  1. Hope Liz ok now, send her my best. Presume you are as Ian saw you at XC :)