Monday, 2 May 2011


10 days ago I did something v nasty to my R calf.
Was running down to Braco with my 5 fingers on (which I hadn't worn for weeks). After about 2 miles I felt what felt like a biy of cramp in the calf and thought I would run it off. I turned around at 2.5m nad headed back up finding it difficult to keep going. After 3m in total my calf felt as if it exploded and that was it, I couldn't even walk. Luckily I was outside a neighbours house and she gave me a lift home. I really wasn't walking anywhere.
I iced and iced for 3/7 and swam every day for a week. I couldn't walk properly for 5/7 but in the last 2-3/7 things have got significantly better. I did some powerwalking on the treadmill today and even did some short jogs. Its all v encouraging and surprising.

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  1. Hope you'll be back into swing of things really soon Phil