Friday, 11 September 2009

A new toy

I have a brand new garmin 405. Does anyone know how to use it ??
I have had a couple of goes and I can get it to record distance and pace but not time!!
No doubt its just a matter of trying different things
I was a bit distressed to see yesterday how slow I was running. There's no doubt my chest infection has slowed me down but usually I wouldnt have the evidence staring at me from my wrist. I'm sure it will prove a valuable training aid.
The weather has perked up enourmously since Wednesday which is good as we have the annual Comrie hills relay tomorrow. We have a record 29 teams and I am race organiser/coordinator or whatever.It should be a great day.


  1. A Garmin 405 and this from a guy who says he's not running ultras anymore!!!! If you don't like it/can't work it you know who would love it!!!

    Have a great race tomorrow and I hope you don't lose anyone.

    John K

  2. Sorry John but I've worked out how to use it!
    The relay went like clockwork yesterday. A superb day.
    It would be great to see some Kilbarchan runners next year??