Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bl**dy calf again

Last Saturday I went to the east district x country relays. It was a 4K leg which I ran in isolation and didnt run v well.
The day after I did 10miles and felt dreadful. Tue was an OK 5 miles
I had 2 half planned and a go at the Strathearn marathon route in Dec so I wanted to get some miles in so yesterday I set off to do a 13 mile run. I did stretch 1st but wore shorts on a frosty morning. After 10 v slow miles whilst running downhill the inside of my right calf suddenly hurt. It was clear straight away that it was a tear and I was able to get a lift home luckily.
So, strange to have this happen whilst properly warmed up and v frustrating. I will abandon all ideas of racing this year and start the slow road back, again.

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