Sunday, 16 October 2011

Stirling Eastern district X country Oct 15th

Pretty ropey forecast and some gloom still hovering over my head from Liverpool were not ideal preparation. However it was a fine day and I felt wonderfully relaxed prior to the race with no expectations at all except to run quite slowly.
I watched the ladies finish with Rhian pipping Kerry and Emily finishing well and then saw Dom charge off and finish high up.
We had 6 men and a team at last- hurrah!
I headed off on the 5.5m 3 lap race at a v relaxed pace but was still surprised to see Jeff in front. After half a lap or so I had passed Jeff and Doug and had Andy as a handy target. The 1st mile came up in 6.17 which was surprising to say the least. I really enjoyed the 1st lap and had some great encouragement from the other Harriers as the 2nd lap started. Soon into the 2nd lap I passed Andy and enjoyed what I thought was a nice circuit. It was satisfyingly muddy in places with some small climbs that didn't take too much out the legs. The Harriers were still in good voice at he end of the 2nd lap although they did need some encouragement. The 3rd lap was harder work but I was more than happy with 36.32 (ave 6.41).
So all in all a great day with lots of Harrier Juniors as well taking part which is the main thing.
I think I've got my Mojo back now, bring on the OMM.

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  1. Glad you got your mojo back! Think we were loudest supporters there!